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The MWA is the source of many amazing images and photographs. See our favorites here...


Take a Google Streetview-style tour of the MWA


Check out our videos! Our team members have produced a number of short videos describing the MWA and its science. You can watch a time-lapse video of moonrise over the MWA, a movie of the radio sky drift over the telescope, an episode of the ABC Landlines program that features the telescope, and many more...

Social Media

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Experience the construction of the MWA through the eyes of the Student Army who journeyed to the Outback in July 2012 to assemble and deploy all 2048 pairs of dipole antennas for the array.


There is an MWA wikipedia page! Check it out here.

Popular Press Coverage

We try to keep track of popular press pieces that cover the MWA. Here is a list of articles we've seen.